ProLink CAT6 UTP 1G keystone jack With Shutter (PL-KJ6-SH-TL)

ProLink CAT6 UTP 1G keystone jack, Tool-less Connection Module, With Shutter


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  • Real Category 6 hardware
  • Significantly exceeds Category 6/CLASS E link performance

Tool-less jack:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Fast reliable connection in record time; all 8 copper conductors are effortlessly terminated in a single operation
  • Quality of connection by design; independent of tool condition or operator skill, just listen for the click
  • Consistent The length of untwisted pairs and the length between the end of the conductor and the IDC contacts are always kept to a minimum, by design

Integral shutter:

  • Increased dust protection, especially during installation or in a dirty
  • No additional shuttering required on faceplates.
  • Higher port
  • Allows direct mounting into floor boxes.
  • Protects jacks in the patch